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Taking Refuge In Simplicity

I love hydroponic gardening. Over the past 5 years I have developed many types of hydroponic growing systems with the objective of keeping it simple, efficient and low cost and believe me the results have been fantastic. Now you too can learn to build your own hydroponic systems and enjoy effortless hydroponic gardening... more


The daily pleasures of gardening are simple, inexpensive and profoundly satisfying. But in the ever-increasingly dense and sprawling cities, gardening on rooftops, patios and balconies is the only way to transform them into livable spaces that are lush, productive and purifying.

Imagine picking a head of lettuce that was cultivated in your rooftop, or taking in the morning perfume of a flower in your balcony, or biting into a strawberry warmed by the sun….

Although, many of us in cities nurture this dream but gardening is a very time consuming activity and due to our fast paced and busy lifestyles there is not enough time in our daily lives to realize this dream.  

Rooftop gardening through hydroponic technique is a veritable way of life and enables you to take pleasure in new, green spaces that meet the needs for relaxation and leisure… more

What is Hydroponics?

Plants are Nature’s greatest factories. Powered by light from the sun, plants combine the earth’s most basic chemical elements with water and gases in the air to create food and energy for growth.

Water is the basis of life; every living plant depends on it to thrive. In nature, water acts to recharge the soil with nutrients. When it rains, lifeless plant and animal matter decay. Microorganisms, insects and animals hasten this process by their consumption of plants and excretion of organic wastes. Organic wastes in the soil are biologically decomposed into the basic nutrient salts that plants feed on.

In Hydroponics, this natural process is bypassed by providing these basic nutrient salts in a balanced solution form directly to the plant roots. Hydroponics is about enriching water with the very same nutrient salts as found in nature. It is about creating and maintaining a “nutrient solution” that is perfectly balanced for your plants...more