About Us

In the current context of environmental degradation, over-consumption and junk food culture, taking care of ourselves and our environment enables us to take a step down the path to healthy cities and communities.

The daily pleasures of gardening are simple, inexpensive and profoundly satisfying and meet our need for relaxation and leisure. Hydroponic gardening in dense and sprawling cities is a novel way to use spaces like rooftops, patios and balconies and transform them into livable spaces that are lush, productive and purifying.

Our goal is to make planting edible oases in the city easier, so that more and more people will take up hydroponic gardening on rooftops and discover its benefits. This website was created to help individuals, gardening enthusiasts and groups to set up and maintain an urban rooftop edible hydroponic garden that do not have the necessary ground space to do so.

Our team consists of gardening enthusiasts with rich experience in soilless growing - The common interest being Nature conservation and urban gardening.

For more information and consultations please contact

Raja Bhat
Email: Raja@indianhydroponics.com