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Soil Free Hydroponic Mediums

In hydroponics, soil free mediums are used for starting seeds and providing support to the plant. Plant roots need both air and water and so a perfect medium is one that is able to hold a nearly equal concentration of air and water. The determining factor in water/air holding capacity of a medium is the small spaces between each granule or fiber.

There are many types of sterile substances with varying water/air holding capacities which can be used as a medium. Most common media types are Coco peat, Perlite, Expanded clay pellets, Rockwool. You could also use sand, gravel, saw dust, sponge as grow media.

Coco Peat: Our favorite loose growing medium is Coconut Fiber or Coco peat. It represents a major step forward in organic soil free potting mediums. It has the water retention of vermiculite and the air retention of perlite. It is a completely organic medium made from coconut husks.

Ground up and sterilized coco peat offers plants the perfect rooting medium and protection against root diseases and fungus infestation. Coco peat is a completely renewable resource, unlike peat moss which is rapidly becoming depleted from overuse.

Perlite: Perlite has been around for the longest time of all these soilfree mediums. Made from air-puffed glass pellets, and literally as light as air,