Did you Know?

Hydroponic food production is the only way to solve starvation and hunger in the future as the world population is exploding... The future agriculture will be in multistoried vertical farms inside the cities which is sufficient to feed the urban populations.... more

Why Hydroponics?

Imagine growing a vegetable garden without having to fight the soil. No more worries about too much water; or too little water; or how much fertilizer; or when to fertilize; or the labors of cultivating and weeding to provide just the right soil consistency and texture; and how much space to give each plant to avoid competing for food and water; etc.

There are many advantages of growing plants hydroponically;

  1. Hydroponic gardens produce the healthiest crops with high yields and are consistently reliable

  2. Gardening is clean and extremely easy, requiring very little effort

  3. Due to nutrients fed directly to the roots, plants grow faster and with small roots plants may be grown closer. In general hydroponically grown garden needs 1/5 of the overall space when compared with soil gardens

  4. Hydroponically grown plants do not come in contact with soil borne pests and diseases thus saves costs of soil preparation, insecticides, fungicides

  5. Since the amount of nutrient solution is fed directly to the plant roots, there is no wastage of water due to run off or evaporation

Overall, the main advantages of hydroponics over soil culture are - more effectient nutrition regulation, availability in regions of the world having nonarable land, effecient use of water and fertilizers, ease and low cost of sterilization of the medium, and higher density planting, leading to increased yields per acre.